Friends in Tokyo is the unlikely brainchild of three distinct artist/producer/friends, whose simple goal was to create a project where they could unabashedly follow the threads of inspiration that only come from uninhibited studio freeplay.  

     A hectic amalgamation of nearly everything that mingles in the clubs and the airwaves, their music might be aptly described as "Alternaphrenia".  Yet an indelible thread of the human spirit connects all their songs on their debut "Keep Moving On": "We just wanted to create something positive to put out in the world", says singer Josh Silverberg.  "Its a long road, til you get home, so don't lose hope, and don't let go" sings a plaintive Silverberg on the title track/lead off single, channeling equal parts Coldplay and Imagine Dragons.  While there are a handful of fantastically epic anthems, Friends in Tokyo is also not afraid to dial in an almost childlike abandon on tracks like "Ready Set Let's Go" and "Awesome Tonight".  "We love the science and sorcery that are behind the 'ear-worm'", explains guitarist Kipp Williams.  "We wanted at least a couple songs where we just didn't care and wanted to make the craziest, most hooky songs imaginable".  With lines like, "I am feeling good, I'm feeling fine, I'm feeling awesome tonight" (Awesome Tonight), you'd have to be a corpse not to crack a smile and join in the chorus.

     Now that Friends in Tokyo has graced the world with their irresistibly shimmering freshman record, one can only look forward to what they have up their sleeve next!